Yoganna’s Effective Healing Sessions: Long Distance and Live

img_9569The world is now plagued with different kinds of ailments which humans acquire from food intake, from the harsh effects of environmental pollution, genetics, or from everyday stress.

People always resort to medical doctors when they feel ill or are troubled by some physical symptoms but there’s another alternative healing method aside from Oriental Medicine and the like- distant healing.

Distant healing is described as a kind of energy healing done remotely. It is when energy is controlled and sent by utilizing the power of the mind. In distant healing sessions, there are no barriers like space or even time. Distant healing originated from Quantum Physics discoveries believing that there is no restriction when it comes to time and place when energy is being transmitted.

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Yoganna’s Iridology Services

img_9571What is Iridology?

Our eyes have been considered as the “windows of the soul” since time immemorial. Not all people though are fully aware of the underlying truth to this saying. Iridology consists of an accurate and careful analysis of the structure of the iris as well as its pigmentation.

Possessing a pair of healthy eyes means having a healthy body which can also equate to having a good well-being.

Iridology has become a widely-used assessment tool in both the physical and psychological health fields.

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Yoganna, the Intuitive Reader

img_9576You need to Improve Your Life

We can meet many who claim to be expert intuitive readers in this word but a few can really help you lead a better and improved life ahead of you.

There are many minor and major decisions in life which we should make every single day. These may include different aspects of our lives – both personal and professional, health, and others.

Human beings always want to learn what lies ahead for them in their destiny – whether they may succeed in the field they have chosen or they need to improve on themselves to attain a blissful and happy life with their respective families.

The prophetic readings done by an Intuitive Reader using special cards is one effective way to help enhance your life and change the course of your destiny.

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