Yoganna’s Iridology Services

img_9571What is Iridology?

Our eyes have been considered as the “windows of the soul” since time immemorial. Not all people though are fully aware of the underlying truth to this saying. Iridology consists of an accurate and careful analysis of the structure of the iris as well as its pigmentation.

Possessing a pair of healthy eyes means having a healthy body which can also equate to having a good well-being.

Iridology has become a widely-used assessment tool in both the physical and psychological health fields.

Unknown to most of us, there exists a large number of elements that affect our health and well-being and much of these elements can manifest in the iris. Iridology depends on the study of the iris which is the colored part of the eye. The iris can provide an insight into an individual’s psychological health risks, challenges, and/or strength of the various body organs as well as one’s personality traits.

It is also by the help of Iridology that we can get a better perspective of one’s past, present and future health conditions by analyzing the different body systems. An individual’s inherited traits as well as genetic health conditions can also be revealed through Iridology.

Yoganna can help you get a complete assessment of your health depending on the appearance of your eyes, primarily the iris. This can assist in gauging whether someone is prone to acquire particular kinds of illnesses as well as the position of a pathological process in your body.

A good example on how Iridology greatly helps the early diagnosis of possible health risks and when individuals are prone to acquiring certain kinds of illnesses in the treatment of the body organs or systems such as the nervous and immune systems in order to prevent further damage.

Though Iridology cannot replace traditional medical examinations, it can effectively help in the diagnosis of possible pathological changes in the different body organs to detect risks of contracting diseases in the long run.

Yoganna as a reliable and expert Iridologist can guide you to live a well-balanced life style also by giving recommendations on proper diet and nutrition to prevent the risks of contracting possible illnesses associated with one’s eating habits, sedentary life, and negative emotions.

Not everyone knows that having a strong immune system means having a much stronger defense against different kinds of illnesses which can be acquired through environmental hazards, poor nutrition and hygiene, and a host of other factors which can also trigger diseases from invading the body. Yoganna can also help evaluate and check the condition of your immune system, nervous system, and the different body organs through Iridology.

Benefits Derived from Using Iridology

1. Determines how much the organs have been affected by the toxic effects of the external environment and the products of metabolism.
2. Assesses the condition of the nervous system and its effect on the internal organs.
3. Assesses the condition of the immune system.
4.  Indicates the organ or system in which the pathological process is taking place.
5. Provides lifestyle and diet tips.

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