Yoganna’s Effective Healing Sessions: Long Distance and Live

img_9569The world is now plagued with different kinds of ailments which humans acquire from food intake, from the harsh effects of environmental pollution, genetics, or from everyday stress.

People always resort to medical doctors when they feel ill or are troubled by some physical symptoms but there’s another alternative healing method aside from Oriental Medicine and the like- distant healing.

Distant healing is described as a kind of energy healing done remotely. It is when energy is controlled and sent by utilizing the power of the mind. In distant healing sessions, there are no barriers like space or even time. Distant healing originated from Quantum Physics discoveries believing that there is no restriction when it comes to time and place when energy is being transmitted.

Yoganna also offers effective distant healing sessions to help relieve symptoms of illnesses, whether physically, mentally, or psychologically. Distant healing is considered as an advanced form of energy healing and can help relieve headaches, pain, high blood pressure, sleeping disorders in a few minutes of energy healing transmission.

Healing Services Offered By Yoganna

Yoganna also offers healing which is also known as biological therapy. By using the focus of thought, healing assists in adjusting, testing, and providing a source of energy among living things.

In Metaphysics, the blockage in the energy channels or what is commonly known as the aura is considered as the origin of all sicknesses or disorders.

Our mental and emotional state possesses certain energy-related effects found in our etheric body which could readily impact our health and well-being. The malfunction of these vital parts is the root cause of different health disorders we may encounter in our lives. Traditional medicine at times cannot diagnose the cause of a certain pain which could be a symptom of an illness.

Many of us may not be aware that unhealthy thoughts affect our health in more ways than one. The key to healthy living is to always look at the bright side of life whatever circumstances we are in. If we only know that being negative attracts negative vibes and different illnesses, we will be more careful about our words and thoughts. What we feed our minds truly affect our health and well-being.

An expert healer must possess a thorough understanding of the etheric body. The chakras are the key factors in adjusting and balancing the entire body and well-being of an individual.

All of us were born with the gift of self-healing. The role of a healer is mainly to help increase our self-healing ability to combat or fight off diseases. Having a fit and healthy body is not just based on the physical aspects but of also having a balanced well-being of our inner soul.

Once the chakras are well-balanced and in a harmonious state, the whole body of an individual achieves good health – a sound body and a sound mind.

Healing sessions offered by Yoganna includes at least 3-4 treatments and also depends on the kind and advancement of the sickness. Therapy should be continuous until total healing takes place and there is normal functioning again of the system.

A Healing treatment session is normally done for 15-30 minutes. During the allotted time, the body as well as the energy system should attain good health.

Yoganna, being an expert healer knows varied ways to help rebuild and maintain your good health and only employs effective methods to help achieve a sound body and mind.

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