Powerful Chakras

Within the metaphysical world we have a term that is called chakra. This is a term which was borrowed from the eastern part of the world (mainly India, but also parts of Asia). This word, which is Sanskrit, means spinning wheel. Thus, a chakra is a spinning wheel of energy located within the human body.

Each chakra is responsible for various human functions. These energy centers direct the energies of life and channel them into different areas. When a chakra becomes dirty or blocked, those energies have a harder time working.

Ultimately, this will lead to disease and illness.
Likewise, when we experience certain problems in our life, they do affect certain chakras and can have the result of blocking or closing them. 
This article takes a brief look at the seven main chakras that most people within the new age and metaphysical world need to be familiar with.

The root center helps to ground our energy into the physical world and is primarily responsible for us being alive.

A closed root center can, and often times does, equate to death here in the physical world. When we have emotional issues in our lives that deal with our need to survive, this center is likely blocked. A blocked root center can cause problems to the prostate and uterus, kidneys, bladder, and bowels. Also the lower backbone and nerves can be affected.
Any type of physical exercise will help to clear and keep this center open and functioning. Additionally, dancing, yoga, massages, camping, gardening, and Tai Chi also help to clear and keep this center open and functioning. An exercise for opening this center involves taking a martial arts horse stance and doing pelvic thrusts.

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